The perfect solution for the lack of time to organize a trip

Mi tiempo en tu maleta is a service to simplify your traveling life, it saves you time while offering everything you need to design vacation experiences to fulfil your dreams. Adapting to your budget and tastes, with the confidence and tranquillity that you would have if you organise it all by yourself, but with the knowledge and skill that years of experience have given me.

If you feel that traveling is an enriching experience in which you create experiences, that one day will be the most beautiful memories of your life. If you are aware that they are unique moments expected throughout the year because it is when we are owners of our time. If you take advantage of your holidays to strengthen ties with your loved ones or to rediscover yourself, then you will know the importance of organizing them as all important events in life: with love and dedication.

Planning a trip can sometimes be a puzzle that requires a lot of dedication in front of the computer, comparing all the alternatives and selecting the ones that best suits you. This task becomes almost impossible when you lack enough time, when you lose perspective in so much information on the net.

Your lack of time to organize a beautiful experience should not prevent you from living it

What is this service about?

1. Ask for a wish

Explain clearly how I can help you, with all the necessary details to understand, capture your idea and make it come true. The more you specify, the easier it will be to satisfy your needs. For this, all you have to do is simply fill the form in the Contact section or some of our questionnaries.

2. Make it reality

Once we carefully study your request, you will receive a quote to cover all aspects of the service, detailing the scope of work and the delivery time. Once accepted, you can then remain assured that you are in safe hands the organization of your new and exciting trip.

3. Created for you

We will design and give life to your travel idea, so that everything will be according to your wishes, with a close and personalized experience. You will receive all the details, tips and tricks related to your trip.

4. Have a good trip!

You only have to formalize the reservation and pack your bags because ...e going on a trip! Our specialists may guide you with the formalities if you prefer, and make it all even easier.

This service will be interested for you:

If you want to save time and money

You want to live the best experience so I will adapt to your budget and help you on your search.

If you need advice

You get buried under so much information on the net, you are unsure where to start or you need help only with a specific aspect of your trip.

If you want to be the protagonist

Live your own adventure where your desires and your circumstances fit, and do it in your own way, at your own pace.

If you seek wellness

Your goal is to take a break for a few days, revive body and soul, enjoy your free time and / or your family and friends.

If you accept suggestions and ideas 

You like to receive attractive proposals to plan your getaway or to help you organize something special for someone.

If you need a change

You expect this vacation to be a full stop, a turning point or even an open window to escape for a while and leave it all behind.